Seller FAQ

1. Is there a charge to open a Seller Account and to list my franchisor (or my interest in my franchisor) for sale?

There is absolutely no charge to have a Seller Account, or to have a Seller Listing. There may be a sell-side arrangement that you will enter into with your chosen M&A Advisor. There may also be an engagement letter that that you enter into with your Legal Team. There will be no charge, fee or other commission payable to Franchisor Pipeline if you locate a buyer through Franchisor Pipeline.

2. Am I required to engage with the Legal Team listed on Franchisor Pipeline?

While you are likely to have other in-house or outside counsel assist and guide you through certain aspects of the sale, Franchisor Pipeline typically accepts Seller Listings only from franchisors who are clients of DLA Piper or who, for purposes of the sale of the franchisor, become clients of DLA Piper. As part of the process of opening a Seller Account, and if you do not already use DLA Piper for your legal work, you may speak with Bret Lowell, the Founder of Franchisor Pipeline, and a partner at DLA Piper, or any other DLA Piper lawyer, about becoming a DLA Piper client.

3. Am I required to use an M&A Advisor?

For M&A Advisors that are active in helping to sell and buy franchisors (and to find investors), see FranAdvisory.

4. Will I have the opportunity to review my Seller Listing before it gets posted?

Absolutely! To help you, Franchisor Pipeline will use the information you furnish on the Franchisor Detail Form to assemble your Seller Listing. You will then have the opportunity to review and edit this Seller Listing (both the brief listing on the public website, and the more detailed “behind-the-scenes” version that will only be accessible to those with Buyer Accounts). The Seller Listing will be posted on Franchisors 4 Sale only when you are satisfied that it contains the information you wish to have appear on the site.

5. When I open a Seller Account, and list my franchisor (or my interest in a franchisor) for sale, am I committed to selling?

When you place a listing on Franchisors 4 Sale you are not committed to sell (although we hope that you will be so fortunate!). Selling a company is a step-by-step process. Your M&A Advisor (if you engage one) and your Legal Team will explain this process to you, and guide you through the steps involved in the sale.