The Process

Whether you’re coming to Franchisor Pipeline as a BUYER or a SELLER, we’ve designed the site to be the best place for both: (a) finding franchisors for sale, and (b) listing franchisors that are for sale.

We make it easy to match up the buyers and sellers of franchisors. Buyers and sellers will each find that we have designed our site with your special needs in mind.

  • BUYERS can access both individual and multiple seller listings easily, and reach out to knowledgeable M&A Advisors to take the next step.
  • SELLERS can list their business through our secure, intuitive process and then engage with expert M&A Advisors and an experienced Legal Team.

If you are a BUYER, the process is simple: create a Buyer Account, and begin browsing all of the listings that we have to offer. If you find one you’re interested in, we’ll put you in contact with the M&A Advisor who is handling the listing and who will provide you with additional information.

If you are a SELLER, you’ll find Franchisor Pipeline to be a comprehensive selling resource designed to provide you with access to both M&A support and legal advice. Once you create your Seller Account, you’ll be able to engage with top-notch M&A Advisors and an experienced Legal Team to help you put your deal together. Then, with information that you provide, we’ll create a fully-customized Seller Listing that will give those prospective buyers that have established Buyer Accounts more detail than is available on the public web-site (and less detail than will be available through your M&A Advisor) about your franchise system.