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For franchisor BUYERS: In the past, the path to finding franchisors for sale was highly inefficient. Now, with Franchisor Pipeline®, there is a single marketplace that lists franchisors for sale. Franchisor Pipeline® streamlines the process of finding & buying franchisors. We focus only on franchisors — we do not list new franchises or even existing franchisees that are for sale. If you are interested in acquiring a franchisor to buy or in which to invest, this is the site for you.

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And, if you are already a franchisor interested in a possible sale, you can easily create your own Seller Listing. There is no better way to get to market, and NO CHARGE to do so.

Franchisor Pipeline® also offers several other features (with more to come) of interest to the entire franchisor community:

  • Franchisor Equity News® contains franchisor-focused news content and developments to keep you on top of what’s happening in connection with the buying and selling of franchisors.
  • Franchise Pipeline® is a comprehensive listing (by date and organization) of upcoming and publicly-available events of interest to the franchisor community.
  • Brets-List® provides a directory of trusted service providers and suppliers that can help you before and after the sale.
  • FranVestors® is a list of private equity companies that own (or have owed) franchisors.
  • FranAdvisory® lists the investment bankers who have handled buy-side and sell-side transactions involving franchisors.
  • FranLawyers® lists lawyers who are experienced in the buying and selling of franchisors.
  • And, Franchisor Folio® provides you with a current list of publicly-held franchisors and links to their daily stock prices.

The team at Franchisor Pipeline® hopes to make this site the most popular, trusted source for buying and selling franchisors. We invite you to take a look around, and to find your next business venture and other useful information.

Bret Lowell
Founder, Franchisor Pipeline