If you are interested in listing your franchisor for sale through Franchisor Pipeline, follow these easy steps to get started:

Create your Seller Account: Simply click here and register as a Seller or a Seller Representative.  You’ll then receive a confirmation email to activate your Seller Account.

Complete a “Franchisor Detail Form”: Once you have created a Seller Account you will be prompted to begin to prepare your Seller Listing. In order to do this, you will complete a Franchisor Detail Form which asks for certain general information about the franchisor that is for sale. The information sought is generally non-identifying (i.e., sufficiently general and in categories only) so that visitors to the site may be unable to identify your company using only this information. If you are concerned about this identification, you may provide even less information (e.g., not answer all of the questions). Or, if you wish to identify your company on the site, you may do so.

Choose Your M&A Advisor: You may wish to have an M&A Advisor assist you with your sale (or to help you find investors). For a list of M&A Advisors that have represented sellers and buyers of franchisors, see FranAdvisory.  If you wish, you may also contact Franchisor Pipeline for added guidance in choosing an M&A Advisor.

Submit Listing: When you have completed theFranchisor Detail Form, you will submit the Seller Listing to Franchisor Pipeline. Our team will review the information for conformity with our other Seller Listings and may contact you with questions. Otherwise, we will return your Seller Listing as a “Preview” and provide you with information on how to activate your Seller Listing.