Buyer FAQ

1. Is there a charge to look “behind-the-door” at the more detailed Seller information?

There is absolutely no charge for having a Buyer Account, or for accessing the behind-the-door information. There is also no charge to speak to the M&A Advisor and no charge to receive information from the Seller’s M&A Advisor. There is even no charge payable to Franchisor Pipeline should you purchase a franchisor (or an interest in a franchisor) that you have found on Franchisor Pipeline.

2. Will the more detailed information that is located “behind-the-door” enable me to identify and contact the Seller?

The “behind the door” information, as furnished by the Seller, is still not the most detailed information that is available concerning the Seller. If you would like to learn the identity of a Seller, and to make contact with the Seller, you will have the opportunity to do so through the Seller’s M&A Advisor. Typically, the M&A Advisor will have prepared a very-detailed “Deal Book” or Confidential Information Memorandum. For the Sellers you wish to learn more about, simply click the button “Please Contact Me.” The M&A Advisor will then get in touch with you at the time and in the manner you request.

3. After I open a Buyer Account, will I have access to more detailed information than is available on the Franchisor Pipeline public website?

Yes, the public website contains only very brief information concerning the Listed Sellers. More detailed information concerning those Sellers is ‘behind-the-door” and becomes accessible only once you have a Buyer Account. This additional information is chosen by the Seller, and typically includes information on whether the franchise is product or service and business or consumer oriented, the industry, the number of franchised and company-owned units, the franchisee investment range, whether international, the number of years franchising, if real estate is owned, sources of revenue, and EBITDA. Moreover, these are all searchable parameters — using our proprietary AnalyZOR search feature — so that you can search among franchisors that meet your criteria, such as only for franchisors that own real estate or with more than a certain level of EBITDA.