How to Buy a Franchisor

If you are interested in buying a franchisor that is listed on Franchisor Pipeline, simply follow these easy steps to get started:

Create your Buyer Account: Simply click here and register as a Buyer or a Buyer Representative.  You’ll then receive a confirmation email to activate your Buyer Account.

Review and Choose: Once you have created a Buyer Account, you will be able to access in-depth and detailed information regarding each Seller. You will also have the capability — using our proprietary AnalyZOR search feature — to search the Seller Listings for desired parameters such as size, geography, and type of business.

Make Contact: As you review the Seller Listings and identify a selling franchisor that you are interested in learning more about, click the “Please Contact Me” button and a representative from the Seller, or the M&A Advisor who is representing the Seller, will get in touch with you.

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