Resources Overview

Many franchisors engage M&A Advisors to represent them in the sale of their businesses (or to help them find investors). This website includes a list of those who have experience with the buying and selling of franchisors. (These advisors also typically assist franchisors who seek investment.)

  • A franchisor seller, who wishes engage an M&A Advisor, is encouraged to contact these M&A Advisors to assist with the process.
  • A buyer (or investor) who wish to learn more about a listed franchisor seller will be put in contact with the M&A Advisor (or other representative) whom the seller has designated to handle the sale (or to seek investors).

To view our list of experienced M&A Advisors, see FranAdvisory®.

Franchisor Pipeline also offers a list of legal representatives that have experience working with Franchisors. To view our full list see FranLawyers®.

Finally, Franchisor Pipeline has created a list of insurers that provide representations and warranties insurance for franchise transactions. To view the full list of insurance providers see Frandemnity.