Franchisors typically contract with numerous suppliers – sometimes on their own behalf, and sometimes on behalf of franchisees who participate in purchasing arrangements. Some of these are suppliers to specific industries (e.g., restaurants). Others are suppliers to franchisors generally (e.g., consultants).

Through the years, I have had the pleasure of working side-by-side with many of these general franchisor suppliers. Other general franchisor suppliers with whom I have not worked directly also enjoy excellent reputations. Brets-List contains both suppliers whose services I have experienced first-hand and suppliers whose positive reputations have become known to me.

None of the suppliers on this list have paid to appear. And some of the listed suppliers (as noted on their website) provide services beyond the single category on the suppliers list for which they appear. Additional suppliers who wish to appear may or may not be added.

Inclusion on Brets-List is not an assurance of a good working experience. Some suppliers are good fits for some franchisors and not for others. Franchisors are encouraged to do thorough investigations and interviews with all suppliers before engaging them.

Browse the suppliers on Brets-List here.

Bret Lowell
Founder, Franchisor Pipeline