San Diego-based Annex Brands, Inc. today announced the acquisition of Pak Mail Centers of America, Inc., franchisor of over 370 Pak Mail® packaging and shipping franchises across the world.

With this addition, Annex Brands now counts more than 820 franchises located in 43 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. The company’s existing brands include PostalAnnex+®, Navis Pack & Ship®, AIM Mail Center®, Handle With Care Packaging Store®, Parcel Plus®, Sunshine Pack & Ship®, and Annex Copy Center®.

“This is a monumental acquisition for us, one we’ve been looking forward to for quite a while,” said Jack Lentz, founder, chairman, and CEO of Annex Brands. “We are very excited to be adding this long-standing, successful brand in the pack and ship industry,”

This is the sixth acquisition for Annex Brands since 2006. Lentz commented the company’s growth strategy continues to be a two-pronged approach: sales of new franchises as well as acquisitions. “Each time we’ve completed an acquisition, we’ve found the acquired brand brings something new to the existing brands, and vice versa. It’s even more so with Pak Mail because of its size.”

Annex Brands’ president and CFO Patrick Edd said many of the Pak Mail franchisees not only ship parcels via UPS, FedEx, DHL, and the USPS, but also have significant experience in shipping freight as well, a good fit for Annex Brands’ support system which serves that market with over 80 commercial locations. “Effectively, this acquisition makes Annex Brands, the largest multi-carrier packaging and shipping organization in North America, if not the world.” Edd said. He commented the acquisition fits the company’s vision to “build a franchise network that offers more service to more people in more places.”

Steve Goble, Annex Brands’ vice president of marketing communications added, “The acquisition of Pak Mail® ramps up the economies of scale and provides significant, additional resources for all our franchisees. It also increases the reach and access for all our customers and carrier partners.”

Alex Zai, former CEO of PMCA, will continue with Annex Brands in a new role. “Bringing these two companies together creates great synergies for both organizations,” said Zai. “As the companies continue to expand on their core business functions of packaging and shipping, the resources and tools they combine will be a great asset for the franchisees of both groups.”

“Pak Mail’s franchisees will gain from additional support, greater opportunities, added resources, and expanded access to experienced team members in the industry. Annex Brands’ franchisees will have new sources of experienced shipping, freight, and international services via Pak Mail’s franchisees. The increased territory coverage created by both organizations will allow the companies and their franchisees to increase market share and provide increased service to their communities.”

Both Annex Brands, Inc. and Pak Mail Centers of America, Inc. are privately owned. No purchase price was disclosed.

April 21, 2016